Block Unauthorized USB Devices

Prevent unauthorized USB devices from being connected to your PC!


Block Unauthorized USB Devices

Prevent unauthorized USB devices from being connected to your PC! StopUSB blocks unauthorized USB devices such as memory card readers and USB flash drives, removable storage and USB hard disks while allowing devices such as keyboards, mice and printers to be used normally.

Secure Individual Computers or the Entire Network

StopUSB can be used at homes, small offices or corporations with large networks. Offering centralized deployment and management, StopUSB is indispensible for enforcing security policies on removable storage devices, helps control file transfers and prevents virus infections.

Work as Usual

Blocking unauthorized USB devices is only a part of the deal. StopUSB makes it possible to white-list USB devices deemed safe such as printers, scanners, keyboards and mice, as well as any devices explicitly allowed by the system administrator.

To allow access to certain removable storage devices, it is possible to assign passwords to them. If such a device is connected to a PC running StopUSB, it can be used provided the correct password is entered.

Unobtrusive and Undetectable

StopUSB runs completely in background, invisible and undetectable to PC users. No pop-up windows and warning messages unless explicitly configured. Running unnoticed, StopUSB logs all attempts to connect authorized and disallowed USB devices, allowing system administrators to perform comprehensive audits of USB security at any time.

Centralized Deployment and Management

Network administrators will appreciate centralized installation and management facilities of StopUSB. From now on, enforcing corporate security policy on USB devices becomes an easy task. Simply updating the policy on a central server from the convenient console affects all computers on the entire network immediately.

Feature List

* Blocks unauthorized USB devices of all kinds
* Helps prevent data theft and virus infections
* White-lists permit using devices such as printers, keyboards and mice
* Optional password-protection allows operating certain USB devices by entering the correct password
* Central management console makes USB policy enforcement easy on entire networks
* Unobtrusive, hidden operation ensures it's work as usual
* Optional USB password-protection allows seamless connection of certain USB devices by supplying the right password


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